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"A medical career is unique, as on top of medical school it requires multiple years of postgraduate training, including residency, fellowship and often an additional sub-fellowship. Every step is extremely competitive and requires from candidates a lot of attention to detail. This becomes even more important for foreign medical graduates that are not native speakers, and have to compete with American students for same positions.  I have been in training for many years, and during this time I used multiple different online services and worked with many different people, but Amy's editing was so much better than any of them. She is personal and she cares. I asked her many follow-up questions and she helped me with each of them. She is both a talented writer and a caring teacher."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Szymon W, Poland

There is something especially frustrating about being accomplished in your field, and possibly fluent in spoken English, and yet not being able to fully express yourself in writing. My work with doctors in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (see my local page) has given me an appreciation for the challenges faced by those trained in

other countries who want to continue their

work in the US.


        Are you an IMG?

I love working with International 

Medical Graduates. MillieMedia can help you with the entire range of editing and proofreading services needed to make your application stand out from the rest. I will work with you to create documents that are not only free from error, but that express the range of skills, interests, and strengths that you want to highlight as you apply for a residency or fellowship.





Is English not your first language?

I have worked with non-native speakers

of English for nearly twenty years, as a

teacher, a tutor, and an editor. The majority

of my students and clients have been 

adults who are just not satisfied with

their English capabilities. I'm a published

writer and an accomplished editor, and I want to put those skills to work for you.

               Are you a native speaker of English who just needs extra help with editing?

I'm happy to help you too!  Just let me know what you need.


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