Do you live in or near Chapel Hill, North Carolina?

If you are local to the Chapel Hill area and would like my help with your English for any reason, please contact me here.  My schedule is flexible and I can work with you to achieve your goals. My students in the past few years have been doctors seeking a residency in the US, and our sessions ranged from pronunciation practice to interview preparation to understanding American norms in business correspondence. I can help you get your English in the best possible shape for the clinical skills test (I know how "fake clinic" works!) , an interview, or anything else. Although the US Medical Licensing Exam has only three "steps," I know that the process of applying for a residency or fellowship has a million more, and I'd love to help you get through them all with flying colors.


“I am a first year resident in Internal Medicine at a busy hospital in New York City.  During my interview process I worked closely with Amy, meeting twice a week  to go through interview questions and techniques.  She taught me how to modulate my voice, improved the flow in my pronunciation, and most importantly boosted my confidence.  As a foreign medical graduate and medical doctor I am not at all used to being interviewed.  But I visited a dozen programs and I was interviewed by more than forty faculty members and I was never surprised by any question, thanks to the thorough preparation I got from Amy."

                                                     - Wojciech R.


   "Amy is a good communicator and she can think about your problem from your point of view. She is a great mentor for IMGs. She made a special effort to understand my culture and how it compares to the US."


                                            - Gang C.




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